added in “Calendar of Festivities/Egyptian Religious Calendar”:

Egyptian Religious Calendar, CDXIII Great Year of Ra, month of Tekhy(2012):

The Egyptian Religious Calendar, CDXIII Great Year of Ra, month of Tekhy (2012):
-Religious Lunar Calendar, month of Tekhy(17 August/15 September) : the Gods and the Religious Feasts of each day of the month

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  1. egyptcards says:

    I was happy to find this site in a roundabout way through Facebook. I am just starting to use WordPress, my dream is to bring back Ancient Egyptian spirituality as a tool for modern people use. The overall theme I see is that the Ancients saw everything as being sacred. If we had this worldview, there would be no ecological problems, no crime, and a stable society. Mayat rules 🙂

  2. everything is sacred and full of Gods and Divine spirits! You are completely right! indeed all the Ancient religions teach to us all the sacredness of Nature and the path to reach the harmony with the cosmos and with life itself(the Ancients’ way of life) as sons of Geb and Nut.
    You are very welcomed! 🙂

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