Invitation For the Summer Solstice’s Beacons


Invitation for the Summer Solstice’s Beacons in honor of the Sun-God Helios, identified in the Egyptian Religion with the Great God Ra, Father of Gods and human beings, the Almighty King of the Cosmos:

Beacons for the Glory of our Father, the Hyperion Sun!

We light the Fires of the Solstice. We, the Children of the Nations, Celebrate Summer Solstice, the Glory of the Great Hyperion Helios!

This summer of the Hellenic Year 2789, Thyrsos, the House of Hellenes Gentiles, invites every one of our Brothers and Sisters, wherever they may be, to participate in the Beacons our House organizes during the Solstices, and join us in the celebration of the Summer Solstice.

This Celebration is so important for all Nations that it constitutes the best reason for us to come into actual contact with each other, to reduce the distance that separates us, to realize that each one of us is a specific and individual Member of a larger Spiritual Body; the Physical Body of National Tradition.

May the Light of the Life-giving Sun Bless our Fight to Defend our National Religions, Defend our Gods and our Nations.

No darkness, no matter how dense it may look, can fall upon our Nations and our Old Ways.

The Great Sun guarantees that!

In the morning of June 21, let the Fires Light in every altar for the Glory of the Immortals, for the Glory of Pyrophoric Sun!

If you would like to send us photographs from your Celebrations either with your Families or your Houses, our e-mail is and of course we will be happy to respond to every one by sending photographs from our celebrations.

Health and Strength to all!

The Sun is King!

Honour and Glory to our Gods!
House of Thyrsos, Gentiles Hellenes

The Fire Still Burns!
Hail the Hyperion Sun
Hail Sunna!
Hail Sonne!
Eternal Glory to the Immortals!

Dear Comrades, Sisters and Brothers from Italy!

Keeping the promise of Brotherhood we gave you in Eternal Rome holding the flag of our Emperor, with immeasurable pride and joy, we solemnly invite you to join us in the celebrations of the Summer Solstice!
Light the fires on the Altars on the dawn of June 21st, from Hellas all the way to the most remote area of your Land, wherever you may be, and send the message of the reign of Hyperion Helios, the Grand Life-giver, our King! Send the message that we are together! Really United!
If any one of you happens to be in Hellas on June 21st, it will be our Pleasure and Honour to join us in our Rites and celebrate with us.
Nevertheless our Beloved Sisters and Brothers, even from afar nothing can stop us from being United , joining the Celebrations of the Solstice, in order to make one more step towards the construction of the Path we opened in Rome, which, as we will soon see, will have its very own route to follow…
Send us photos of your Celebrations (on, and of course we will do the same. Let us make our Solidarity the most joyful Message and send it wherever all our European Gentile Sisters and Brothers are, giving Hope to all those who feel the heavy darkness that has fallen upon our Lands and Nations!
We are waiting for your messages with great Joy!
From our Hearts we wish you Health, Power and Bliss!

The Sun is our King, our Emperor will be vindicated!

Honour and Glory to our Gods!

House of Thyrsos, Gentiles Hellenes

Cari compagni, Sorelle e Fratelli Italiani!

Mantenendo la promessa di Fratellanza che vi abbiamo fatto in Roma Eterna reggendo la bandiera del nostro Imperatore, con immensa fierezza e gioia, solennemente vi invitiamo ad unirvi a noi per le celebrazioni del Solstizio Estivo!
Accendete i fuochi sugli Altari all’alba del 21 Giugno, dall’Ellade fino alle aree più lontane della vostra Terra, ovunque voi siate, e mandate il messaggio del regno di Helios Hyperion, il grande Datore di Vita, il nostro Sovrano!
Mandate il messaggio che tutti noi siamo insieme! Realmente Uniti!
Se qualcuno di voi si troverà in Ellade il 21 Giugno, sarà per noi un Piacere e un Onore che si unisca a noi nei nostri Rituali e che celebri con noi.
E tuttavia, carissime Sorelle e carissimi Fratelli, anche da lontano nulla può impedirci di essere Uniti, riunendo le Celebrazioni del Solstizio, in modo da fare un altro passo verso la costruzione del Percorso che abbiamo iniziato a Roma, che, come presto vedremo, avrà una sua propria strada da seguire…
Mandateci le fotografie delle vostre Celebrazioni (all’indirizzo, e naturalmente noi faremo lo stesso. Facciamo in modo che la nostra reciproca Solidarietà sia il Messaggio più gioioso ed inviamolo ovunque si trovino i nostri Fratelli e Sorelle Gentili Europei, dando Speranza a tutti coloro che sentono la pesante oscurità che è caduta sulle nostre Terre e Nazioni!
Aspettiamo i vostri messaggi con grande Gioia!
Dal nostro cuore vi auguriamo Salute, Potenza e completa Felicità!

Il Sole è il nostro Sovrano, il nostro Imperatore sarà vendicato!

Onore e Gloria ai nostri Dei!

Casa di Thyrsos, Gentili Helleni

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