detail from the Entrance Gate of the “House of Eternity” of King MerenPtah, Valley of the Kings (KV 8), West Uaset-Thebes: Nephthys making adorations to the Sun God: inside the Sun is represented the Sun God in His form of ram-headed God


“Adoration to the Mother, the very Great,
She who loves Her brother Osiris,
caretaker of the son that She loves.

Glory to Your beautiful face, Nephthys the Great,
Lady of the Nome of the Gazelle (XVI nome of Upper Egypt),
the Purifier, the Bright-One”
(from the Hymn to Nephthys at Her Temple at Pi-mer near Iunyt-Latopolis)


Nephthys and Horus son of Isis;
detail from a column of the Double Temple of Haroeris and Sobek at Ombos



triad of Osiris flanked by Isis (at left) and Nephthys (at right);
664-342 bc; from a private collection….


Nun (at left), Nephthys, and Geb (the God of the Earth);
from the “House of Eternity” of Pashedu, “Servant in the Seat of Righteousness and Truth”, reigns of Sethi I and Ramses II, West Diospolis Megale-Thebes


“For the Ideas in Heaven and Stars, and the Forms and Effluxes of the God remain unchanged, while the things that are scattered in objects liable to be affected, in earth, sea, plants and animals, are dissipated, destroyed and buried, but often shine out again and reappear in new creations.
This is why the myth says that Seth cohabits with Nephthys, but that Osiris secretly has relations with Her; for the outermost parts of Matter, which they call Nephthys and Teleuté (End), are controlled mostly by the destructive power (Seth), but the fertilizing and saving power (Osiris) transmits to Them (Isis and Nephthys) a weak and feeble seed which is destroyed by Seth save for what Isis takes up and preserves, nourishing and holding it together”
(from Plutarch, De Isis et Osiris)


Nephthys and Seth, Reign of Ramses II, New Kingdom; (Louvre Museum)


Seth giving the Ankh (the symbol of Life) and the Uas-scepter of Power and Dominion to Queen Hatshepsut; on the right, Nephthys embracing the Queen; on the top, at right, Horus of Behdet in His form of sacred falcon holding the Shen-ring of Eternal Protection. From the Precinct of Amon-Ra at Uaset (Thebes)


-Isis and Nephthys:


Temple of Horus at Behdet, detail from the II register, I scene, of the eastern tower of the Pylon:
Isis (to the right) and Nephthys, both enthroned, holding the Ankh (the symbol of Life) in the right and raising the left hand in blessing



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