Hymns and Prayers

from the Spell CLXXX of the “Book of Coming Forth by Day”

“O Ra, You Who go to rest as Osiris with all the appearings in glory of the Blessed Spirits and Gods of the West (the NetherWorld),
You are the Hidden One of the NetherWorld,
the Holy Soul at the Head of the West,
Osiris Onnophris Who shall exist forever and eternally.
How well provided are You, O Dweller in the NetherWorld!
Your son Horus is pleased about You, and He has taken over the Kingship;
may You permit Him to appear to Those Who are in the NetherWorld,
even He the Great Star Who brings what is His to the NetherWorld,
and Who traverses the place where They are as the Son of Ra Who went forth from Atum.
How well provided are You, O Dweller in the NetherWorld!
Your stepped Throne is in the midst,
O Your Majesty the King Who rules the Silent Land,
Great Prince of the Ureret-Crown,
Great God Whose Throne is secret,
Lord of Judgement Who is over His Tribunal.
How well provided are You, O Dweller in the NetherWorld!
How content are You!
How well provided are You, O Dweller in the NetherWorld!
The mourners are dishevelled because of You,
they clap their hands because of You,
they cry out because of You,
they lament because of You,
they weep because of You.
But Your Soul is joyful, Your corpse has power,
the Souls of Ra are on high in the NetherWorld ….
…. souls when they are set on high in the cavern of the NetherWorld,
because of the Souls of Ra Who is in the NetherWorld in the person of the Soul of the Angry One, Who rests in the person of His Soul.”

from the Boulaq Papyrus (XVIII Dinasty, 1552-1295 bc)

“Praise to Amon-Ra
The Bull of Heliopolis, Prince of all the Gods,
The Good and Perfect God, the Beloved One,
The Giver of Life to all animated things.

Hail to Thee, Amon-Ra, Lord of Ipet-sut
Prince of Thebes of the North and of the South
The Bull of His Mother, the First in His field
Whose step is large, Prince of Upper Egypt
Lord of Kush(Nubia), Sovereign of Punt
The Greatest in Heaven, the Higher on Earth,
Lord of All,
The One Who is in all things, Unique among all the Gods
The Beautiful Bull of the Ennead of the Gods
Prince of all the Gods
Lord of Maat, Father of the Gods
Maker of men, Creator of beasts
Lord of All, Creator of fruitful trees
He Who makes grass to grow, Feeder of cattle
Beautiful One in the form fashioned by Ptah,
Beautiful and darling Youth
To Whom the Gods give honour
Maker of things above and below, Enlightener of the Two Lands
The One Who joyously passes through the sky
King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Ra of the ones whose words are Truth and Justice
Prince of the Two Lands, Glorious in Power, Lord of Might
Supreme Creator of the whole Earth
The One Whose forms are greater than every God
In Whose Beauty the Gods jubilate
Praised in Per-ur (“the Great House”, a very ancient sanctuary Upper Egypt)
Crowned in Per-Neser (“the House of Flame”, a very ancient sanctuary of Lower Egypt)
Whose fragrance the Gods love
When He comes from the land of Punt
Abounding in scent when He comes back from Kush(Nubia)
Beautiful of Face when He comes from the Divine Land.
The Gods bow before Him
When They acknowledge His Majesty as Their Lord;
Lord of Terror and Fear
Greatest and Mighty,
Lord of Crowns,
Flourishing in provisions, Maker of nourishment
Glory be to Thee, Creator of Gods
Thou Who have uplifted the Sky,
Thou Who have stretched the Earth.

He Who is awakened in strenght, Min-Amon,
Lord of Eternity, Maker of everlastingness,
Praised, First One,
Prince of Thebes of the North and of the South,
Whose horns are strong, beautiful of face,
Lord of the High White Crown,
Thy Double Plumes are lofty,
Thy Tiara is one of beauty,
And Thy White Crown is high.
The Goddess Mehen and the Two Ladies, Nekhbet and Uatchet, are the ornaments of Thy face,
And the Crowns of the South and North,
And the Nemes Crown,
And the Helmet-Crown
Are Thy adornments in Thy Temple.
Thy Face is Beautiful,
Benignily Thou receive the Atef Crown,
In the Land of the South and in the Land of the North there is love for Thou,
Thou receive the Crowns of the South and the North,
The Lord of Life receives the Sceptre,
Thou art the Lord with the breastplate, armed with the whip.
Gracious King Who rise like the Sun crowned with the White Crown,
Lord of beams, Creator of Light,
To Whom the Gods give praises,
He Who stretches forth His arm for the ones He loves,
But Who consumes His enemies with flames,
His Eye overthrows the unrighteous,
His dart strikes down the swallower of the ocean,
And causes the serpent nik to throw up what he has swallowed.

Hail to Thee, Ra, Lord of Maat,
Whose shrine is hidden, Lord of the Gods,
Kheper-Ra in His boat,
Whose commands the Gods accomplish,
Atum, Creator of men,
He Who has distinguished their nature and Who gave to them life.
He Who has distinguished the colours of the races of men
He Who listens to the poor who is in distress
Gentle of heart when one praises to Him
Deliverer of the timid man from the violent,
He Who pacifies the strong and the weak,
Lord of judgment in Whose mouth there is Wisdom,
The Nile overflows because of the love for Him,
The Sweet, the Beloved,
At Whose coming men live,
Opener of every eye,
Proceeding from the firmament,
His mercy created the Light,
The Gods rejoice at His Beauty
And Their hearts live when They see Him

Oh Ra, adored in Ipet-Sut,
Great of apparitions in the House of the Benben, oh Heliopolitan,
Lord of the New-Moon,
In His honour are celebrated the sixth and the seventh days of every month,
Life, Health and Strenght to Thee, oh Sovereign and Lord of all the Gods,
Who art visible in the midst of Heaven,
Ruler of men,
Lord of the Ancestors of the Netherworld,
Whose name is hidden from His children
In His name of Amon.

Hail to Thee Who art in peace
Lord of the joy of heart,
Thou Crowned Form,
Lord of the High Plumed Crown,
Whose Plumes are exalted,
Whose tiara is beautiful,
Whose White Crown is lofty,
The Gods love to look upon Thee,
The Crowns of the South and of the North are established upon Thy head.

Thy Love pervades the Earth,
Beloved art Thou as Thou pass through the Two Lands,
As Thou send forth rays from Thy two Beautiful Eyes.
The Dead are rapturous with delight when Thou shine.
Thy beams arise, and men are cheered by Thy rising,
The cattle toddles in joy before Thy beams when Thou shine in full power
Beloved art Thou when Thou art in the Southern Sky,
And Thou art esteemed Lovely when Thou art in the Northern Sky.
Thy Beauties takes possession of and carry away all hearts,
And the Love for Thee subdues all,
Thy Beautiful Form makes the hands to tremble,
All hearts are pacified at beholding Thee.

The One maker of all things,
Creator and Maker of beings,
From Whose eyes mankind proceeded,
From Whose mouth the Gods were created,
Maker of grass for the cattle,
Maker of fruitful trees for men
Causing the fishes to live in the river,
Causing the birds to fill the air,
Giving breath of life to those in the egg,
Feeding the birds that fly,
Giving food to the birds that perch,
Giving food to the creeping and the flying beings equally,
Providing food for the rats in their holes,
Feeding the flying beings living on trees.
Hail to Thee for all these things,
The One alone with many hands,
Lying awake while all men lie asleep,
He Who seek out the good of His creatures,
Amon the Lasting-One,
“Salutations to Thee” is in all their voices,
“Glory be to Thee for Thy mercy upon us,
Thanks be to Thee while Thou create us”.
“Hail to Thee” say all the wild beasts,
“Glory be to Thee” says every foreign land
From the height of Heaven, to the breadth of the Earth,
To the depths of the sea,
Thou art praised,
The Gods adore Thy Majesty
And They exalt the Glory of Their Creator,
Jubilating before Thee, Their begetter
They say:
“Welcome in peace, oh Father of the Fathers of all the Gods,
Who raises the Heaven and Who fixes the Earth,
Maker of beings, Creator of existences,
Life, Health and Strenght to Thee, King and Chief of the Gods,
We worship Your glory as Thou create us,
We praises You as Thou have fashioned us,
We sing Hymns to Thee on account of Your mercy on Us”.

Hail to Thee, Creator of all beings,
Lord of Maat, Father of the Gods,
Maker of men and Creator of beasts,

Lord of grains,
Giving life to the beasts of the desert,
Amon, Bull of the beautiful face,
Beloved in Ipet-Sut
Great of apparitions in the House of the Benben,
Crowned in Heliopolis,
Judge of Horus and Seth in the Great Hall,
Chief of the Great Ennead of the Gods
The One, whitout peer,
First One in Ipet-Sut,
Heliopolitan at the head of His Ennead,
Living by Maat forever,
Dweller of the horizon, Horus of the East,
Because of the love for Thou, the desert yields silver, gold,
The precious lapis lazuli,
Spices and incense from the land of Kush(Nubia),
And fresh myrrh for Thy nostrils,
Thou Who come back from the land of Kush with a gladdened face,
Amon-Ra, Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands,
Chief in Ipet-Sut,
The Sovereign on His Throne”

(the second Hymn)

“Praise to You, Isis, the Great-One,
God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods.

You are the First Royal Spouse of Osiris Onnophris,
The Supreme Overseer of the Golden-Ones in the Temples,
The eldest son, firstborn of Geb.

Praise to You, Isis, the Great-One,
God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods.

You are the First Royal Spouse of Osiris Onnophris,
The Bull, the Lion Who overthrows all His enemies,
The Lord and Ruler of Eternity.

Praise to You, Isis, the Great-One,
God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods.

You are the First Elect-One of Osiris Onnophris,
The Perfect Youth Who performs slaughter
among the disaffected of the Two Lands.

Praise to You, Isis, the Great-One,
God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods.

You are the First Royal Spouse of Osiris Onnophris,
The One Who protects Her brother, and watches over the weary-of-heart.

Praise to You, Isis, the Great-One,
God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods.

You are the First Royal Spouse of Osiris Onnophris,
The Eternal-One-rejuvenating-Himself, Who extolled Eternity:
You are with Him at Abaton.

Praise to You, Isis, the Great-One,
God’s Mother, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods”

(The “Golden-Ones in the Temples” are the Gods and Goddesses represented as golden images in the Temples.”Abaton”, “inaccessible”, is the name of the most sacred island of Osiris, near Philae)

-the First Hymn of Isidorus to the Great Goddess Isis- from the Temple of Isis-Hermouthis-Renenutet at Narmouthis:

πλουτοδότι βασίλεια θεῶν, Ἑρμοῦθι ἄνασσα,
παντοκράτειρα, τύχη ἀγαθή, μεγαλώνυμε Ἶσι,
Δηοῖ ὑψίστη, ζωῆς εὑρέτρια πάσης,
παντοίων ἔργων ἐμέλησέ σοι, ὄφρ’ ἀναδοίης
ἀνθρώποισι βίον τε καὶ εὐνομίην τε ἅπασι,
καὶ θεσμοὺς κατέδειξας, ἵν’ εὐδικίη τις ὑπάρχῃ,
καὶ τέχνας ἀνέδωκας, ἵν’ εὐσχήμων βίος εἴη,
καὶ πάντων τε φύσιν εὐανθέα εὕρεο καρπῶν.
σοῦ τε χάριν συνέστηχ’ ὁ πόλος καὶ γαῖα ἅπασα
καὶ πνοιαὶ ἀνέμων καὶ ἥλιος ὁ γλυκυφεγγής.
σῆι δυνάμει Νείλου ποταμοὶ πληροῦνται ἅπαντες,
ὥρηι ὀπωρινῆι, καὶ λαβρότατον χεῖθ’ ὕδωρ
γαῖαν πᾶσαν ἔπι, ἵν’ ἀνέγλιπος καρπὸς ὑπάρχῃ.
ὅσσοι δὲ ζώουσι βροτοὶ ἐπ’ ἀπείρονι γαίηι,
Θρᾷκες καὶ Ἕλληνες, καὶ ὅσσοι βάρβαροί εἰσι,
οὔνομά σου τὸ καλόν, πολυτίμητον παρὰ πᾶσι,
φωναῖσι φράζουσ’ ἰδίαις, ἰδίαι ἐνὶ πάτρηι.
Ἀστάρτην Ἄρτεμίν σε Σύροι κλῄζουσι Ναναίαν
καὶ Λυκίων ἔθνη Λητοῦν καλέουσιν ἄνασσαν,
μητέρα δὴ κλῄζουσι θεῶν καὶ Θρήϊκες ἄνδρες,
Ἕλληνες δ’ Ἥρην μεγαλόθρονον ἠδ’ Ἀφροδίτην,
καὶ Ἑστίαν ἀγαθήν, καὶ Ῥεῖαν, καὶ Δήμητρα,
Αἰγύπτιοι δὲ Θιοῦιν, ὅτι μούνη εἶ σὺ ἅπασαι
αἱ ὑπὸ τῶν ἐθνῶν ὀνομαζόμεναι θεαὶ ἄλλαι.
δεσπότι, οὐ λήξω μεγάλην δύναμίν σου ἀείδων,
σώτειρ’ ἀθανάτη, πολυώνυμε, Ἶσι μεγίστη,
ἐκ πολέμου ῥυμένη τε πόλεις, πάντας τε πολίτας,
αὐτοὺς καὶ ἀλόχους καὶ κτήματα καὶ φίλα τέκνα.
ὅσσοι δ’ ἐμ μοίραις θανάτου συνέχονται ἐν εἱρκτῆι,
καὶ ὅσοι ἀγρυπνίαις μεγάλαις ὀχλοῦντ’ ὀδυνηραῖς,
καὶ οἱ ἐν ἀλλοτρίηι χώρηι πλανοώμενοι ἄνδρες,
καὶ ὅσοι ἐμ πελάγει μεγάλωι χειμῶνι πλέουσι
ἀνδρῶν ὀλλυμένων νηῶν κατὰ ἀγνυμενάων,
σώζονθ’ οὗτοι ἅπαντες, ἐπευξάμενοί σε παρεῖναι.
κλῦθι ἐμῶν εὐχῶν, μεγαλοσθενὲς οὔνομ’ ἔχουσα,
εὐείλατος ἐμοί τε γείνου, λύπης μ’ ἀνάπαυσον ἁπάσης.

“O wealth-giver, Queen of the Gods, Lady Hermouthis,
Almighty, Agathe Tyche, Isis of the great name,
Highest Deo, inventor of all life,
Manifold miracles were Your care that You might bring
Livelihood to mankind and Eunomia to all;
and You taught laws that Righteousness might prevail;
You gave skills that men’s life might be comfortable,
And You discovered the blossoms that produce edible vegetation.
Because of You, Heaven and the whole Earth have their being;
And the gusts of the winds and the Sun its sweet light.
By Your power the channels of the Nile are filled, every one,
in the late summer season, and the most turbulent water is poured
On the whole land, so that produce may be unfailing.
However many mortals live on the boundless earth,
Thracians and Hellenes,
and however many are the barbarians,
They all pronounce Your beautiful name, much honored among all peoples,
In their own languages, and in their own native lands.
The Syrians call You Astarte, Artemis, Nanaia,
The Lycian tribes call You Leto, the Lady,
The Thracians also name You as Mother of the Gods,
And the Greeks Hera of the Great Throne, Aphrodite,
Hestia the goodly, Rhea and Demeter.
But the Egyptians call You Thiouis,
since You alone are all the other Goddesses named by the races of men.
Mighty One, I shall not cease to sing of Your great Power,
Deathless Saviour, many-named, mightiest Isis,
Saving from war, cities and all their citizens:
Men, their wives, possessions, and children.
As many as are bound fast in prison, in the power of death,
As many as are in pain through long, anguished, sleepless nights,
All who are wanderers in a foreign land,
And as many as sail on the Great Sea in winter
When men may be destroyed and their ships wrecked and sunk.
All (these) are saved if they pray that You be present to help.
Hear my prayers, O One whose Name has great Power;
Prove Yourself merciful to me and free me from all distress.
Isidorus wrote it”

III Hymn to Isis from Her Temple at Syene

“O Princess, Daughter of Geb,
Ruler of the Merehu Bull (a form of Osiris),
Tjati (Prime Minister) Daughter of Thoth,
Beloved by the Ram,
Great of Favor,
Great of Praise,
Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lady of Grace,
Lady of all that is encircled by the Sun,
Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Isis the Great, the Mother of the God,
First Royal Spouse of Osiris Onnophris Whose word is right and true,
Divine Mother of Horus, the King, the Mighty Bull.
You are the Beautiful and Perfect Goddess Who has giveng birth to the Victorious God,
She Who has initiated the Divine Birth of Her son,
the King of Kings, the Prince of Princes:
‘He is Ra!’ it will be said of Him, a King without equals.
In the Sanctuaries there are the cult images of Her elder brother Osiris, the Lord of the provinces,
and His sacred image is where the Gods are;
they come, jubilating, to Him,
He is their Lord, He Who accomplishes everything together with Horus,
and together with Her sister Isis, the guide of Horus without equals,
the beneficial Goddess Who accomplishes everything for Her elder brother.
May Your beautiful face be beneficial to the King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Ptolemy IV ever living, beloved of Isis,
defend and protect Him!”

from the Temple of Isis at Syene

“Isis the Vanguard of the Army
Isis, more effective than a million soldiers,
Lady of Flame Who assaults the rebels (the rebels against Maat, the enemies of the Gods)
Lady of Battle Who fought on the River of the Two Lands to overthrown the enemies (the enemies of the Gods are the enemies of the King, Horus on Earth).

Isis Mightier that the Mighty, Stronger than the Strong,
Who smites millions by cutting off their heads,
great of massacre against Her enemy.”


(from the Temple of Hathor at Dendera):

“We play the tambourine for Your Ka,
We dance for Your Majesty,
We exalt You
To the height of Heaven.
You are the Lady of Sekhem,
The Menat and the Sistrum,
The Lady of Music,
For whose Ka one plays.

We praise Your Majesty every day,
From dusk until the earth grows light,
We rejoice in Your Countenance, O Lady in Dendera!
We praise You with song.
You are the Lady of Jubilation, the Lady of the Iba-dance (a sacred dance),
The Lady of Music, the Lady of Harp-playing,
The Lady of Dancing, the Lady of Tying on Garlands,
The Lady of Myrrh, and the Lady of Leaping.

We glorify Your Majesty,
We give praise before Your Face.
We exalt Your Power
Over the Gods and the Goddesses.
You are the Lady of Hymns,
The Lady of the Library,
The Great Seshat
At the head of the Mansion of Records.

We propitiate Your Majesty every day.
Your heart rejoices at hearing our songs.
We rejoice when we see You, day by day.
Our hearts are jubilant when we see Your Majesty.
You are the Lady of Garlands, the Lady of Dance,
The Lady of Unending Drunkenness.
We rejoice before Your face; we play for Your Ka.
Your heart rejoices over our performance”

another translation:

“We beat the framedrum
for Her spirit
we dance
for Her majesty

we raise high Her image
to the heights of heaven

it is She who is
the Lady of the Sekhem sistra
and the menat
the Lady of the Naos sistrum

music is made for Her ka
we worship Her majesty
making offerings from sunset to dawn

it is She who is
the lady of joyful music
the lady of the iab-dance
the lady of sounding the sistrum

the lady of singers
the lady of the kheb-dance
the lady of weaving garlands
the lady of beauty
the lady of the keskes dance

when Her two eyes open :
the sun and the moon
our hearts rejoice
in seeing the light

it is She who is
the lady of the dance wreaths
the lady of those who are drunk with joy

we do not dance and drum for any other
we devote ourselves
to Her divine spirit alone”

(from Her Temple at Iunet, Dendera)

“The Lady of Names in the Two Lands,
the Unique One,
Queen of Terror among the Guardians of the Gods,
the Uraeus on the horns of Atum:
The Gods come to You prostrating,
the Goddesses bowing Their heads.
Your Father Ra adores You,His face rejoices in hearing Your Name.
Thoth satisfies You with His glorifications
and He raises His arms to You, carrying the sistrum.
The Gods rejoice for You when You appear.
You illuminate the Two Lands with the rays of Your Eye.
The South, the North, the West, and the East pay You homage,
and they make adoration.
Hathor, Queen of Iunet,
Your beautiful face is pleased by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt”


“Exalted is Your Power,
O Burning One,
O Sated One,
O Mighty One,
Skilful of Flames,
Lady of the Sky,
Lady of the Two Lands
O Eye of Horus, and His Guide,
Lady of Eternity,
Fiery One,
O Red One,
Whose Flame burns,
Serpent Uraeus,
Who guides the people,
O Lady of Fire,
O Searing One,
O Devourer,
O Scorching One”
[Ancient Hymn quoted by A. Roberts in “Hathor Rising”, p.58]


(the “Crossword Hymn” to Mut, from the “Crossword Stela” of Paser founded at Diospolis Megale, Thebes, in the most sacred Precinct of Mut at Ipet-Sut, ca. 1150 BC )

“Great of Sunlight, Who illumines the entire land with Her rays.
She is His Eye, Who causes the land to prosper, the glorious Eye of Horakhty,
the Queen of what exists, the Great and Powerful Queen, Life being in Her possession.

Great of Might, Her Eye has illumined the horizon.
As to the Ennead, Their hearts are glad because of Her,
the Queen of Their joy in this Her name of Heaven,
for the spirits go forth within it because of Her.

The Two Lands and the Netherworld thereof are light because of Her, when She has appeared in the sky.
When She goes forth, all good plants are born.
She Who rises early,
existing in a multitude of forms,
enduring as the Nurse.

Ra sees Her Might just as She sees by means of Him, since He knows Her majesty’s beauty.
The Goddesses shout for Her: food and provisions for Her, the Goddess in Thebes.

The Greatness of Ra shines in the land for Her spirit every day.
Furthermore, Her father Ra is in mighty Ipet-sut with the Great One Who breathes there (Amon).

There are not many who desert Her majesty. She is a Noble One.
When She shines, the land possesses love of Her,
the Queen of the horizon at Her beautiful rising at dawn.
She has received the insignia of Ra, Lord of the Thrones.
He receives rejoicing as He traverses the land,
and the praises and adorations of the high-ranking and of mankind.

They follow Her likeness, She being like Him Who crosses the sky,
His manifestation indeed, who shines within
She grants what He wishes. Mut has received these gifts.
All animals rejoice at Her. She rests between His brows, while everyone worships Him.
The people and all mankind are joyful of heart.

Ra, Who travels the Lakes of Fire for His great daughter,
Queen of the Gods, this Goddess Who is upon His breast.
The God gives rejoicing to Her Who is with Him, He Who came into existence by Himself.
She Who is beneficial to the Mighty One, Who adores the manifestation, happy of lifetime.
All the people worship Her, when Her form is seen.
She has caused to flourish.

He(Ra/the King) is great, flourishing because of the Great One, He Who is on the Throne which She loves.
Ra is righteous. It is a happy day, She having appeared in Thebes,
when She has protected this land for Her son.
She gives victory to the Mighty One, She Who possesses what He loves, His years being happy of events. There is rejoicing from Heaven to the Netherworld. The Gods are satisfied”

from the votive stela of Neferabu

“Praisegiving to Ptah, Lord of Maat,
King of the Two Lands,
Fair of face on His great seat,

the One God among the Ennead of the Gods,
Beloved as King of the Two Lands.
May He give life, prosperity, health,
alertness, favors, and affection,
and that my eyes may see Amon every day,
as is done for a righteous man
who has set Amon in His heart!
So say the servant on the Place of Truth, Neferabu, whose word is right and true.

Beginning of the recital of the might of Ptah, South of His Wall, by the servant in the Place of Truth on the West of Thebes, Neferabu whose word is right and true.
He says:

“I am a man who swore falsely by Ptah, Lord of Maat,
and He made me see darkness by day.
I will declare His might to the fool and the wise,
to the small and great:
Beware of Ptah, Lord of Maat!
Behold, He does not forgive anyone’s deed!
Refrain from uttering Ptah’s name falsely,
He who utters it falsely, he falls!

He caused me to be as the dogs of the street,
I being in His hand;
He made men and Gods observe me,
I being as a man who has sinned against His Lord.
Righteous was Ptah, Lord of Maat, towards me,
when He taught a lesson to me!
Be merciful to me, look on me in mercy!”
So says the servant in the Place of Truth on the West of Thebes,
Neferab, whose word is right and true before the Great God Ptah.

from the Berlin papyrus 3048

“Adoration be to Thee, O Ptah,
He Who founds the Two Lands, the mountains and the deserts,
and keeps them green through water which comes from Heaven,
He Who covers with dew the twigs of the trees which are in every mountain-land,
There is nobody who could live without Thee, because breath comes out of Thy nose permanently, and water out of Thy mouth,
the Tree of Life grows up upon Thee,
Thou makest green the land so that Gods, humans and cattle have abundance,
He Who brings forth the Nile from His cavern,
Who makes prosperous the Tree of Life
and cares about the portion of that which come out from Him again and again in His name of Nun,
Who sets in motion the Primeval Waters of Heaven
and expels the water in the mountains continuously in order to keep alive mankind in His name of Ptah the Creator of Life”

from the Ramesseum papyrus 6, sheet 1:

“Hail to You, Who arose from the Primeval Waters,
Lord of the low-lying lands,
Ruler of the desert edge … Who crosses the back-waters,
Mighty God Whose seizing cannot be seen,
Who lives by plunder, Who fares downstream by His beauty,
Who fares upstream having completed a multitude of times,
Twin of Ra, Great Luminary Who came forth from the flood. Welcome in peace, Lord of peace!
Drive off Your wrath, let pass Your raging … ,
cut short Your mourning, let Your beauty come, … exist … ,
the One without His second,
Ruler of the rivers,
Governor of the winds,
rutting Bull,
Lord of Love,
Lord of spirits,
He Who offers to Himself,
hairy one,
He Who loves taking,
Great of terror,
Lord of Ra-sahui,
Lord of Lakeland,
cleaver of Ra-henet,
Who comes summoned as the Flourishing Horus,
Great of power in Herakleopolis,
Lord of fear Who is in Hebenu”

from the Ramesseum papyrus 6, sheet 2:

“Lord of Ahet, rejoicing in His sceptre, Chief in Ta-sety.
Hail to You in Ramuha, in the flood from which You came,
Begetter of the ram in the midst of the pool,
Lord of Thebes, Great in Semenu, the One Who rests in Cynopolis,
Beautiful of coming in Anty, great of appearances in Rawakh,
the son of Neith in Abydos,
…in Iunesha, acclaimed with praise.
(Incense on the flame!)
High be your soul, who presents the God with what He loves!
Raise yourself and fight for your body, so that the God shall exist!
Rutting bull, savage lion, great of strength, beautiful of shape, Ruler of the foreign countries,
Lord of incense in the midst of rituals,
High of heart,
Star which is in the fields,
King Amenemhat has given this Your beautiful face, with which You look at Your mother Neith,
and with which You are gracious to the Gods.
(Incense on the flame!)
This is for Sobek the Shedtite, Horus Who is in Shedet, Lord of myrrh”

(from a papyrus of the Middle Kingdom)

“Adoration of Hapy:
Hail to You, Hapy,
Sprung from Earth,
Come to nourish Egypt!
Of secret ways,
A darkness by day,
To Whom His followers sing!
Who floods the fields that Ra has made,
To nourish all who thirst;
Lets drink the waterless desert,
His dew descending from the sky.

Friend of Geb(the God of the Earth), Lord of Nepri(the God of Corn),
Promoter of the arts of Ptah.
Lord of the fishes,
He makes fowl stream south,
No bird falling down from heat.
Maker of barley, creator of emmer,
He lets the Temples celebrate.

When He is sluggish noses clog,
Everyone is poor;
As the sacred loaves are pared,
A million perish among men.
When He plunders, the whole land rages,
Great and small roar;
People change according to His coming,
When Khnum has fashioned Him
When He floods, Earth rejoices,
Every belly jubilates,
Every jawbone takes on laughter,
Every tooth is bared.

Food provider, bounty maker,
Who creates all that is good!
Lord of awe, sweetly fragrant,
Gracious when He comes.
Who makes herbage for the herds,
Gives sacrifice for every God.
Dwelling in the Netherworld,
He controls both Heaven and Earth.
Conqueror of the Two Lands,
He fills the stores,
Makes bulge the barns,
Gives bounty to the poor.

Grower of all delightful trees,
He has no revenue.
Barges exist by His might,
He is not hewn in stone.
Mountains cleave by His surge.
One sees no workmen, no leader,
He carries off in secrecy.

No one knows the place He’s in,
His cavern is not found in books.
He has no shrines, no portions,
No service of His choice;
But youths, His children, hail Him,
One greets Him like a King.
Lawful, timely, He comes forth,
Filling Egypt, South and North;
As one drinks, all eyes are on Him,
Who makes His bounty overflow.

He who grieved goes out in joy,
Every heart rejoices;
Sobek, Neith’s child, bares His teeth,
The Nine Gods exult.
As He spouts, makes drink the fields,
Everyone grows vigorous.
Rich because another toils,
One has no quarrel with Him;
Maker of food He’s not defied,
One sets no dam for Him.

Light-maker Who comes from dark,
Fattener of herds,
Might that fashions all,
None can live without Him.
People are clothed with the flax of His fields,
For He made Hedj-hotep(the Weaver God) serve Him;
He made anointing with His unguents,
For He is the like of Ptah.
All kinds of crafts exist through Him,
All books of Divine words,
His produce from the sedges.

Entering the cavern,
Coming out above,
He wants His coming secret.
If He is heavy, the people dwindle,
A year’s food supply is lost.
The rich man looks concerned,
Everyone is seen with weapons,
Friend does not attend to friend.
Cloth is wanting for one’s clothes,
Noble children lack their finery;
There’s no eye-paint to be had,
No one is anointed.

This truth is fixed in people’s hearts:
Want is followed by deceit.
He who consorts with the sea,
Does not harvest grain.
Though one praises all the Gods,
Birds will not come down to deserts.
No one beats his hand with gold,
No man can get drunk on silver,
One cannot eat lapislazuli,
Barley is foremost and strong!

Songs to the harp are made for You,
One sings to You with clapping hands;
The youths, Your children, hail You,
Crowds adorn themselves for You,
Who comes with riches, decks the land,
Makes flourish every body;
Sustains the pregnant woman’s heart,
And loves a multitude of herds.

When He rises at the Residence,
Men feast on the meadows’gifts,
Decked with lotus for the nose,
And all the things that sprout from Earth.
Children’s hands are filled with herbs,
They forget to eat.
Good things are strewn about the houses,
The whole land leaps for joy.
When You overflow, O Hapy,
Sacrifice is made for You;
Oxen are sacrificed for You,
A great oblation is made to You.
Fowl is fattened for You,
Desert game snared for You,
As one repays Your bounty.

One offers to all the Gods
Of that which Hapy has provided,
Choice incense, oxen, goats,
And birds in holocaust.

Mighty is Hapy in His cavern.
His name unknown to those below,
For the Gods do not reveal it.

You people who extol the Gods,
Respect the awe His son has made,
The All-Lord Who sustains the shores!
Oh joy when You come!
Oh joy when You come, O Hapy,
Oh joy when You come!
You Who feed men and herds
With Your meadow gifts!
Oh joy when You come!
Oh joy when You come, O Hapy,
Oh joy when You come!”


“Adoration of Thoth, Son of Ra, Moon,
Of beautiful rising, Lord of appearings, Light of the Gods,
By the Prince, Count, Fan-bearer on the King’s right,
Great Troop-commander, Royal Scribe, Horemheb, whose word is right and true,
he says:
Hail to You, Moon, Thoth,
Bull in Hermopolis, dweller in Hesret,
Who makes way for the Gods!
Who knows the secrets,
Who records their expression,
Who distinguishes one speech from another,
Who is judge of everyone.
Keen-faced in the Ship-of-millions,
Courier of mankind,
Who knows a man by his utterance,
Who makes the deed rise against the doer.
Who contents Ra,
Advises the Sole Lord,
Lets Him know whatever happens;
At dawn He summons in Heaven,
And forgets not yesterday’s report.

Who makes safe the night-bark,
Makes tranquil the day-bark,
With arms outstretched in the bow of the ship.
Pure-faced when He takes the stern-rope,
As the day-bark rejoices in the night-bark’s joy,
At the feast of crossing the sky.
Who fells the fiend,
Sunders western lightland.
The Ennead in the night-bark worships Thoth,
They say to Him:
“Hail, Son of Ra,
Praised of Ra, Whom the Gods applaud!”
They repeat what Your ka (the spirit) wishes,
As You make way for the place of the bark,
As You act against that fiend:
You cut off his head, You break his ba(the soul),
You cast his corpse in the fire,
You are the God Who slaughters him,
Nothing is done without Your knowing,
Great one, son of a Great One, Who came from Her limbs,
Champion of Horakhty,

Wise friend in Heliopolis,
Who makes the place of the Gods,
Who knows the mysteries,
Expounds their words.

Let us give praise to Thoth,
Straight plummet in the scales,
Who repulses unrighteousness,
Who accepts him who leans not on crime.
The Tjati(the Prime Minister or Vizier) Who settles cases,
Who changes turmoil to peace;
The scribe of the mat Who keeps the book,
Who punishes crime,
Who accepts the submissive!
Who is sound of arm,
Wise among the Ennead,
Who relates what was forgotten.
Counselor to him who errs,
Who remembers the fleeting moment,
Who reports the hour of night,
Whose words endure forever,
Who enters the Dwat (the Netherworld),
knows Those in it,
And records them in the list”

-Hymn to the King Sesostris III (1878/1839 BC)

“Horus Divine of forms, He of the Two Ladies, Divine of births
Horus of Gold, Who has come into being
Dual King KhakauRa (the kas of Ra have appeared)
Son of Ra Sesostris
He has taken up the Two Lands as the one whose words are right and true.

Hail Kha-kau-Ra
Our Horus, Divine of forms
Protector of the Land, extender of its boundaries
He Who defeats foreign lands by His Great Crown
He Who embraces the Two Lands with His action

He Who subdues the foreign lands with His two arms
Who slaughters the enemies of Egypt without a blow of a weapon
Who fires the arrow without the string being drawn
He Whose dread has smitten the bedouins in their land
He whose fear slaughters the nine bows,
whose massacre causes the death of thousands among the enemies of Egypt who had dared to reach its border.

He who fires an arrow as Sekhmet does,
He fells thousands of those unaware of His Power
The tongue of His Majesty is the restraint on the foreign land
and His commands are what set the bedouins to flight.

Unique and Youthful One Who fights at His border,
Who never lets His workers grow weary
Who enables the Nobles sleep to daybreak,
with His troops in their sleep
because His heart is their protector,
His Laws have drawn up His borders,
His words have assembled the two riverbanks

How the … rejoice, for You have made their offerings flourish
How the … rejoice at Your …, for You have drawn up their border
How the … in the presence rejoice, for You have enlarged their shares
How the people rejoice at Your strong arm, for You have protected their traditions
How the Nobles rejoice at Your activity, for Your power has firmly protected their prosperity
How the two riverbanks rejoice at Your dread, for You have extended their domain
How Your recruits at levy rejoice, for You have caused them to flourish
How the Two Lands rejoice at Your might, for You have protected their walls

Horus extender of His border, may You repeat eternity.

How great is the King for his city! He is a million arms, a thousand men are little beside
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is the dam that stops the river at its torrents of water
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is the cool room that allows every man to sleep to daybreak
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is a rampart, in the bronze of Shesem
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is a refuge, unwavering His hand
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is a shelter, rescuing the fearful from his enemy
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is a sunshade at Flood, cool in Summer
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is a warm corner, dry in Winter time
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is a mountain resisting the storm at the time the sky rages
How great is the King for his city! indeed He is Sekhmet against the enemies who tread on His border

He has come to us, grasping the land of Upper Egypt, the Double Crown has joined His head
He has come, He has united the Two Lands, He has merged the reed with the bee
He has come, He has ruled the Black Land, He has placed the Red Land in its midst
He has come, He has protected the Two Lands, He has calmed the two riverbanks
He has come, He has given Egypt life, He has dispelled its woes
He has come, He has given the Nobles life, He has given breath to the throats of the people
He has come, He has trampled the foreign lands, He has struck the bedouis ignorant of His dread
He has come, He has protected His border, He has rescued the oppressed
He has come, … our children, we may bury our old ancestors.

May you love Kha-kau-Ra, alive for ever and eternity …
He Who is ordained to create your sustenance, He Who rescues …
Our Guardian Who knows how to make us breathe, Who is equipped…
May you reward Him with Life and Power and millions of years

Praise of Kha-kau-Ra, alive for ever and eternity …
raising the arm of the captain in the bark …
adorned with electrum more than …
the two riverbanks have … at …
they have … the paths…”

from the “House of Eternity”of the Priest Neferhotep, Reign of the Great King Horemheb, New Kingdom

“Says the singer with harp of the Divine Father of Amon, Neferhotep, whose words are right and true:

All ye excellent Nobles and Gods of the Land of Eternity,
Hearken to the praise-giving for the Divine Father,
The worship of the honored noble’s excellent ba (the “ba”is the soul).
Now that he is a God everliving, exalted in the Land of the West;
May they become a remembrance for posterity,
For everyone who comes to pass by.

I have heard those songs that are in the tombs of old,
What they tell in extolling life on Earth,
In belittling the Land of the Dead.
Why not glorify the Land of Eternity,
where the Righteous and the Truthful-Ones are without terror?
in that Land the strife is abhorred like an abomination,
No one girds himself against his fellow,
beacuse that Land is whitout rebels
(the rebels are the unrighteous, enemies of the Goddess of Righteousness and Truth, Maat, of Ra and of all the Gods)
All our kinsmen rest there
Since the time of the first beginning,
and those to be born over the course of millions and millions of years,
All of them will go there, everyone.
No one may linger in the land of Egypt,
There is none who does not reach the Land of Eternity.
As to the time of deeds on Earth,
It is the occurrence of a dream;
instead one says:
“Welcome in peace, safe and sound,”
To him who reaches the Land of Eternity”


from the Temple of Neith and Khnum at Iunyt/Latopolis

“God of the Potter’s Wheel,
Who settled the land by His handiwork,
Who joins in secret,
Who builds soundly,
Who nourishes the nestlings by the breath of His mouth;
Who drenches this land with Nun,
While the Round Sea and the Great Ocean surround Him.

He has fashioned Gods and human beings,
He has formed flocks and herds,
He made birds as well as fishes,
He created bulls, engendered cows,

He knotted the flow of blood to the bones,
Formed in His workshop as His handiwork,
So the breath of life is within everything,
Blood bound with semen in the bones,
To knit the bones from the start.

He makes women give birth when the womb is ready,
So as to open …. as he wishes;
He soothes suffering by His will,
Relieves throats, lets everyone breathe,
To give life to the young in the womb.

He made hair sprout and tresses grow,
Fastened the skin over the limbs;
He built the skull, formed the cheeks.
To furnish shape to the image.
He opened the eyes, hollowed the ears,
He made the body inhale air;
He formed the mouth for eating,
Made the throat for swallowing.

He also formed the tongue to speak,
The jaws to open, the gullet to drink,
The throat to swallow and spit.
The spine to give support,
The testicles to move,
The arm to act with vigor,
The rear to perform its task.

The gullet to devour,
Hands and their fingers to do their work,
The heart to lead,
The loins to support the phallus
In the act of begetting.
The frontal organs to consume things,
The rear to aerate the entrails,
Likewise to sit at ease,
And sustain the entrails at night.
The male member to beget,
The womb to conceive,
And increase generations in Egypt.
The bladder to make water,
The virile member to eject
When it swells between the thighs.
The shins to step,
The legs to tread,
Their bones doing their task,
By the will of His heart.”

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  1. Samgwan Spiess says:

    How awesome! I have been looking for some AE hymns in translation—Thank you for the splendid selection!

  2. it’s a great pleasure, many thanks for your kindness! the blog is periodically updated, and many other hymns will be added!

  3. Jose Prado says:

    Fascinating work!
    I worship all Gods and Goddeses so this will be especially good for my work and devotions.

  4. MeresAset says:

    Wonderful hymns! I’ll definitely add these to the ones I’ve created on my own.

  5. menkaura42 says:

    These are beautiful hymns. May I add them to my practice?

    • certainly. however it is important to remember that generally each hymn and/or prayer should be recited only in specific rituals, and usually the instructions are given in the text itself: as regards the devotional practice (and not the ritual practice), in this case instead there are no restrictions.

      Anyway, soon this section “Hymns and Prayers” will be deleted: in fact the hymns and prayers are periodically added in the page dedicated to the respective Deity

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