“I would specially invoke Mnemosyne; for all the important part of my discourse is dependent on Her favour” (Kritias, Plato)

“Amentet Neferet” (“The Perfect and Beautiful Land of Amentet”) is a group of religious research focused on the Ancient Religion of Egypt,  to share and to collect knowledges, images and texts with the aim to  rebuild the ancient wisdom about the Gods, Mythology, Sacred Places, Rituals, and History of the Two Lands of Egypt according to the Eternal Maat (Righteousness and Truth) of the Ancients.
“Amentet Neferet” is open to all the syncretistic views coming from all the Ancient Religions and Traditions faithful to the Gods and whose foundation is Maat/Dike/Dharma/Iustitia, such as Hellenismos, Sanatana Dharma, and all the others.


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  1. I like much this page about ancient egyptian religion!!!! congratulations

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