Iusaas and Nebethotepet


the two Goddesses Iusaas (at right) and Nebethotepet (at left, holding the Ankh), raising the right hand in blessings.
Detail from the north wall of the Second Court of the “Temple of Millions of Years” of King Ramses III,
West ‘Uaset’-Thebes


from the stela of the “Lady of the House” BukhanefPtah, West ‘Uaset’-Thebes

“Praise to Your Soul, Nebethotepet, kissing the earth before the Lady of the Two Lands.
I give praise to Your beautiful face to propitiate Your Soul every day.
Be merciful to me that I may tell of Your Power to all who know You not and all who know You.
For all people come to You in crowds, alike men and women,
and they say, “Be merciful” to the comely Lady, for She is merciful.
The Lady of the house Bukanenfptah, whose word is right and true, she says:
Every follower of Nebethotepet is in joy. No evil shall befall them, child after child.”


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