detail from the Astronomical Ceiling of the Temple of Hathor at Iunet:
in the centre is a bull-like figure representing the constellation of the Big Dipper/Plough, called Meskhetyu and assimilated with Seth; He is held captured by a chain attached to a mooring post (the celestial pole) that is watched over by Reret Uret, the Draco constellation,a form of Isis.
At right of the Big Dipper/Seth is represented Horus, falcon-headed, and called “Horus fighter against the enemies” (a circumpolar constellation), spearing at Him.
At left and at right are represented two Goddesses of the Hours of the Night, standing, and with a star above Their heads (at left the II hour, and at right the III)


scene from the ceiling between the architraves in the northeast corner of the Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Isis at Philae:
(on the right) Reret Uret (the Draco Constellation, a form of Isis) holding Meskhetyu (the Big Dipper, a form of Seth, here represented as a bull-headed leg) by a cord;
on the left, “Horus fighter against the enemies” (a northern constellation) wearing the Double Crown, with His right hand raised against Meskhetyu; in front of Him is represented a grand serpent standing on its tail;
the surrounding stars are the Circumpolar Stars.
From Lepsius, “Denkmäler aus Ägypten und Äthiopien”, IV-35

scene from the “House of Birth” of the Temple of Hathor at Iunet:

Bes (at right) and the Goddess Reret (at left) making adorations to Harpokrates (wearing the Double Crown and holding the Flail and the Heqa-scepter in His right hand) seated upon a grand Lotus flower; the Goddess Reret (a form of Isis connected to the Draco constellation) holds a fan, and next to Her is represented the Tyet, the “knot of Isis”.
From Lepsius, “Denkmäler aus Ägypten und Äthiopien”, IV-85

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