She Who resides in Busiris/Pr-Osiris (“the House of Osiris”),
the Powerful-One Whose image is that of the Primaeval Goddess, Great and Majestic Shentayt, the spinner”
(inscription from the Temple of Horus at Behdet, Edfou I, 171, 3)

Shentayt, the “Lady of the Golden Grain”, “daughter of Geb in the House of Nut”, Whose name means “Widow”, is a Goddess connected with the lamentations for Osiris and also with the Mysteries of Osiris and with the Mysteries of Sokar celebrated during the month of “Ka-her-Ka”.
Shentayt, “She Who protects the body of His brother (Osiris)”, the “Guardian” and the “Keeper” of Osiris, is identified with Isis (the King is also called “son of Shentayt”) and is also assimilated with Her as “Isis-Shentayt”, and indeed She is often worshipped and represented together with the Cow-Goddess Merkhetes, identified with the Goddess Nephthys, protecting the body of Osiris.
Shentayt is represented often in Her cow form, but She is depicted also as a cow-headed woman or as a woman very similar to Isis; Her crowns are the Double-feathered Crown, the Hathor crown, and the symbol of the Throne of Isis; often She wears a necklace representing the Cow-Goddess Bat (“the female Soul”, identified with the Goddess Hathor).
The cult centres of Shentayt are the two sacred cities of Busiris/Pr-Osiris (“the House of Osiris”) in the north, and Abydos in the south.

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