scene from the Temple of Neith and Khnum at ‘Iunyt’-Latopolis:
the King presenting the Two Crowns (the White Crown and the Red Crown) to Heka the Child


The God Heka, Deity of inestimable mighty Power, son of Khnum and of the Goddess Menhyt, is the God of Magic and the God of the Power of Magic, “the First Work” and “the Lord of the Kau (the spirits)”. Heka accompanies and protects Ra and His forms in the barques of the Sun-God, and He is one of the defenders of Osiris in the Netherworld.

“The Perfect youth, sweet of love,
Who repeats the births again and again”
(inscription from the Temple of Iunyt)

“To me belonged the universe before You Gods had come into being. You have come afterwards because I am Heka”.
(Coffin texts, spell 261)

from the Temple of Khnum and Neith at Iunyt/Latopolis (Sauneron, ESNA 308,25, pag. 211)

Words of Heka:

“I am the Heir Who succeeds to the Throne,
the son of Ptah-Shu.
I am the eldest son,
the First-Born of Khnum,
I am Heka, the First Work, I was born on His (Khnum’s) potter’s wheel,
He also gave to me His inheritance
in the day of my birth,
and I appear as the King on His Throne,
in this name of mine, Heka.
I rule this Land (Egypt),
and I act as the King on His Throne, every day,
in this name of Ra, that is Geb.”

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