Osiris-Orion (‘Sah’)

detail from the Circular Zodiac of Dendera,
from the second east chapel of Osiris on the roof of the Temple of Hathor; now in the Louvre Museum…
From right to left,

-the Taurus zodiac sign
-Sah, the Orion constellation (assimilated to Osiris), wearing the White Crown, holding the Flail and the Uas-scepter, followed by a rekhyt-bird (the lapwing bird)
-“Horus who is on His papyrus”, in His form of sacred Falcon, wearing the Double Crown, and representing the “Canis Minor” constellation


Temple of Maat and Hathor at West Uaset-Thebes,
the lintel of the door of the north shrine (inner side):
from right to left,
-“Sah (Orion) of the southern sky”
-“Sothis the Great of the southern sky”, represented in Her form of sacred cow, wearing the Solar Crown (inside the Sun there is a star)
-“Outo Lady of Pe-Dep”, in Her form of sacred vulture, spreading Her wings in protection and holding a fan,
-“She Whose face is like gold” (Hr=s m nbw, cat-headed).
On the top, the khekeru-frieze

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