the God Tithoe, graeco-roman period, now in the Staatliche Museum Berlin.
Tithoe is represented as a winged pantheistic sphinx wearing a military tunic; from His chest protrudes a crocodile’s head, and His tail ends in a serpent. He wears the ‘Atef’-Crown with ram’s horns, and around His Nemes-headdress are depicted the heads of eight sacred animals:
bull, falcon, ibis, ram (at right)
lion, dog, baboon, feline (at left)
In His right hand He holds the victory wreath/wheel of fortune, and with His left He grabs a captured enemy


Tithoe (‘Twtw’), son of Neith, is a powerful and victorious God, connected with the Divine Kingship of Egypt, and a master of daemons (spirits); He is an accessible God to whom people could turn for help in their everday existence. Very often He was represented on stelae where He was shown in side view but with His head turned to be viewed frontally, emphasizing this approachability.
The God Tithoes, “He Who stirs up uproar every month in Sais”, ruled on Earth during the time of the II Divine Dynasty, the Dynasty of the “Little(young) Company of the Gods”(Manetho, fr. 3 from Syncellus), many millennia before the First Dynasty of human Kings(the Dynasty of Menes-Narmer)
Tithoe usually is represented in the form of a striding royal sphinx composed of a lion’s body and a human head, with usually a snake as His tail. In later periods He may be depicted in a pantheistic mode with other elements like a crocodile head or a lion head attached to His body.


[from “The Egyptian God Tutu” by Olaf E. Kaper]

-Great of Strength
-Son of Neith
-The Lion
-Lord of Strength
-Mighty of Arm
-He Who drives away the enemies
-Great of Roaring
-He Who outlines the Two Lands
-He Who stirs up uproar every month in Sais
-Great Fighting Ba (Soul)
-Lord of Victories
-Lord of many faces in the entire land
-Lord of the Great Massacre (against the enemies of the Gods)
-Great Protector
-God of Gods
-Strong God
-He Who beats His opponents
-He Who beats the enemies in the Castle of the Massacre of Tinis (Abydos)
-Fierce of Face
-He Who annihilates in the place of execution from which one does not leave
-Swift of pace
-He Who dispels the Wandering spirits
-He Who overthrows apophis
-He Who overthrows the messenger’s wicked spirits
-He Who rages
-He Who tramples the cobra
-Strong of Valour
-He Who wards off the Khatiu-spirits
-He Who protects the lands, the provinces, and the towns against the Khatiu-spirits
-King of the Gods
-King of Upper and Lower Egypt
-Master of the Gods
-Lower Egyptiand King of the Lower Egyptian Kings
-Upper Egyptian King of the Upper Egyptian Kings
-Lord of Egypt
-King of the Two Stars
-Master of all lands
-He Who rules over every land
-Master of all the Gods
-Master of the arrow spirits
-Master of the Khatiu-spirits of Sekhmet and the Wandering spirits of Bastet
-Master of the Wandering spirits
-The messengers act in accordance with His word
-The Master of the Khatiu spirits of Sekhmet
-Leader of the Decan Khau
-Master of the Khatiu-spirits who encircles the Earth at His command
-Whose astral form is the decan Ipds
-The Divine Spirit
-Town God
-Residing in Koptos
-Lord of the town
-Lord of Ouadj
-Residing in Ouadj
-Residing in Tapaour
-Residing in Philae
-Residing in Shenhur (in the 5th nome of Upper Egypt)
-Residing in Kellis (in the 16th nome of Lower Egypt)
-Who is on the Great Throne
-Preeminent in Abaton
-the God of Kellis
-the Greatest God of Kellis
-Son of Neith
-Son of Ra
-to Whom His mother gave birth
-the earth became green at His appearance
-Old One Who appears as a child while You are as a youth ….
-Beautiful Child
-Great God
-there is none like Him
-Who has no equal
-Lord of the sky
-the Divine Deity
-Who is at the head of the Ennead
-Who protects His cult image in . . . .
-equal to the Sun Which comes forth . . . .
-the Amon’s God


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