Sopedu in His form of sacred falcon, detail;
from the “House of Eternity” of King TutankhAmun. Now in the cairo museum…


standard with Sopedu in His form of sacred falcon (wearing the Two Feathers).
Wood, gessoed and gilded with the eyes and facial markings inlaid with obsidian and dark blue and red glass; the beak is of silver and the flail of gilded bronze.
From the “House of Eternity” of King TutankhAmun; now in the cairo museum…


door to the Naos of King Amasis II (570-525 bc), XXVI Dynasty:
King Amasis wearing the Khepresh (the Blue Crown of War) kneels and offers a statuette of Maat (the Goddess of Righteousness and Truth) to Sopedu enthroned.
Above the head of the King is represented the protective Solar orb (representing Horus of Behdet) flanked by the Two Uraei. Sopedu is represented falcon-headed, wearing the Solar Crown with two feathers, holding the Uas-scepter of Power and Dominion in His left and the Ankh (the symbol of Life) in the right. On the top is represented the Sky with a row of stars, and above it the Winged Solar Orb flanked by the Two Uraei. Below, the decorative pattern represents (four times) the façade of the Royal Palace; now in the Louvre Museum..


Temple of Horus at Behdet, eastern tower of the Pylon, detail of the first register:
the King (Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos) smiting and killing the captured Asiatic rebels against Maat, enemies of the Gods and of Egypt. Behind the King there is His Ka-Spirit, and above His left arm is represented Horus in His form of sacred falcon with outstretched wings as a sign of protection.
To the left there is a small image of Sopedu, the God of the East.

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