Sekhmet (on the right) and Wpset (wearing an Uraeus on Her head) enthroned. From the Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Isis at Philae

Wpset, “She Who burns”, is a daughter of Ra and one of the forms/manifestations of His Eye and of the Fiery Uraeus Who protects Gods and Kings.

scene from the wall of the eastern exterior colonnade of the “House of Birth” of the Temple of Isis at Philae, first register:
(from left to right) King Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos offering the Udjat-Eye to Min and to the Goddess Wpset; and the King making adorations ad offerings to Arensnuphis (Jrj-ḥms-nfr), Thoth of Pselkis (assimilated to Shu), and Amon


Temple of Thoth at Pselkis (Pr-Slkt/Pr-Slq), Lower Kush/Nubia,
detail of the Entrance-Gate of the Forecourt leading to the Inner Court: 
-on the lintel, 
(upper register), the Winged Solar Orb (representing Horus of Behdet) flanked by the Two Uraei; 
(lower register), King Ptolemy IV Philopator offering a statuette of Maat to Thoth-Shu and to the Goddess Wpset; behind the King is represented Queen Arsinoe III;
-on the left jamb,
the King offering myrrh to Ra-Horakhty (upper register), food to Khnum (middle register), and wine to Hathor (lower register);
-on the right jamb,
the King offering ointment to Amon-Ra (upper register), food to Horus (middle register), and fields to Isis (lower register)

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