Egyptian Religious Calendar

Here’s the new edition of the “Egyptian Religious Calendar” for the year 2017:


the Complete Egyptian Religious Calendar with all the religious prescriptions and the sacred festivities for the year 2017, is now available on both in paperback format and as a digital ebook, here’s the link:

The Complete Egyptian Religious Calendar for the year 2017: the most comprehensive publication of the lists of the festivities of the Egyptian Religious Tradition (dated for the year 2017). A practical application of the Egyptian Religious Calendar for the current age.

The sources used to reconstruct the Religious Calendar and for the dating of the Sacred Festivities are:
– the “Cairo Calendar n. 86637”;
-the “Sallier papyrus IV”;
– the list of the religious celebrations dated to the Middle Kingdom;
and the lists of the Sacred Festivals from the Temples’ Religious Calendars:
– the religious calendar of King Thutmosis III from Ipet-Sut (the Precinct of Amon-Ra at Uaset-Thebes, “Karnak”);
– the Temple of King Thutmosis III at Elephantine;
– the Temple of King Ramses II at Abydos;
– the Temple of Millions of Years of King Ramses III, West Uaset (“Medinet Habu”);
– the Temple of Horus at Behdet (“Edfu”)
– the Temple of Hathor at Nitentòre (Dendera);
– the Double Temple of Haroeris and Sobek at Ombos (“Kom Ombo”);
– the Temple of Neith and Khnum at Iunyt (“Esna”).

Contents (7 x 10 inches, 442 pages):
-the Egyptian Religious Calendar:
the Calendars of Ancient Egypt;
the Civil Calendar;
the Sothis-based Lunar Calendar, the Lunar Months, the Feasts of the Lunar days, their presiding Deities, and the Gods of the Lunar days;
Favorable and adverse days
-Egyptian Religious Calendar, List of the Festivities for the year 2017, CDXVII-CDXVIII Great Year of Ra


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