XVIII Dynasty

offering scene dedicated to the cult of the “Lords of Amente/Amenti (the Netherworld)”, that are the Deified Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses of the Royal Dynasties of the New Kingdom: the Kings are represented as Osiris and the Queens as Hathor.
From the “House of Eternity” of Inherkhau son of Hay (TT359), a member of a family of leaders of the craftsmen of the “Place of Righteousness and Truth”, the Valley of the Kings. Inherkhau was “Foreman in the Place of Righteousness and Truth in the west of Thebes” and “Director of the works of the Lord of the Two Lands”; drawing from Lepsius, “Denkmäler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien”.
In the lower register, to the left, is represented Huy, ancestor of Inherkhau, with reed and palette (probably he is the author of the decoration of the tombs 359 and 360).
To the right, Inherkau as funerary Sem-Priest offers fumigations to the “Lords of Amente”; Inherkau is followed by his wife, Wabet (“the Pure”), “Lady of the House” and “Chantress of Amon” in the Great Temple of Amon Ra at Ipet-sut.

The Lords of Amente/Amenti,
upper register, from right to left:

-Amenhotep I
-Ahmose I
-Ahhotep I, wife of Taa II and mother of Ahmose I
-MerytAmon, daughter of Ahmose I and sister-wife of Amenhotep I
-SitAmon, also known as Ahmes-SitAmon, daughter of Ahmose I
-SiAmon, son of Ahmose I
-Ahmes-Henuttamehu, probable daughter of Taa II
-Ahmes-Tumerisy, probable daughter of Taa II
-Ahmes-Nebetta, probable daughter of Taa II
-Ahmose-Sipairi, son of Taa II; probable father of Thutmosis I

lower register, from right to left:

-Ahmes-Nefertari, daughter of Taa II and sister-wife of Ahmose I
-Ramses I
-Montuhotep II
-Amenhotep II
-Taa II
-Ramose, probable son of Ahmose I
-Ramses IV
-Thutmosis I





detail from one of the two obelisks erected by Queen Hatshepsut in the Uadjet-Hall of King Thutmose I (Hathshepsut’s father) at Ipet-Sut, the highly sacred Precinct of Amon-Ra at Uaset-Thebes:
-in the middle, the Horus-name of Queen Hatshepsut: “Powerful of Kas-spirits” (Wsrt-Kaw). Horus is represented in His form of sacred falcon (wearing the Double Crown) standing on the top of the palace facade (the “serekh”) where is inscribed the Horus-name of the Sovereign.
-in the upper register, Amon-Ra embracing Queen Hatshepsut (to the left), and Queen Hatshepsut offering clothes (to the right). On the top, the hieroglyph for “Sky”. On each side is represented the Uas-Scepter of Power and Dominion;
-in the lower register, King Thutmose III (to the right) offering an ointment vase to “Amon Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands” (to the left)





King Amenhotep III in the form of Sphinx trampling asiatics and a nubian; behind the King is represented the Goddess Outo/’Uadjet’ in Her form of winged Uraeus entwined on papyrus’ stems.
From the “House of Eternity” (TT120, West Uaset-Thebes) of Anen (son of Yuya and Tuya, and brother of Queen Tiye), “Chancellor of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt”, “Sem-Priest of On-Heliopolis”, “Divine Father”, and “High Priest of Ra-Atum”; detail from the side of the throne of King Amenhotep III.
(reproduction by Norman de Garis Davies)





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