Seshat is the “Record Keeping”, the Deity of writing, the Goddess of the Temple libraries and of all the collections of texts. She is also the Goddess of the sacred buildings, connected with the founding and/or expansion of all the sacred structures.



Atum giving the Regalia (the Heqa-scepter and the Nekhakha-Flail) and the Ankh (the symbol of Life) to King Ramses III;
behind the King is represented the Goddess Seshat holding the Year-staff (the notched palm-branch) with Jubilees and writing the King’s name.
Atum is enthroned in Shrine (decorated on the top with a row of Uraei wearing the Solar Crown), and behind Him are represented His two Divine Wives, Iusaas and Nebethotepet, enthroned and blessing King Ramses III.
Scene from the north wall of the Second Court of the “Temple of Millions of Years” of King Ramses III, West Uaset-Thebes.


-Assimilations with other Goddesses-


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