IV Dynasty

(ca. 2613/2494)

-Horus NebMaat-

“King of Upper and Lower Egypt”
Snefru (Snfrw, from “snfr“- “to make beautiful”);
King “Soris” of the Royal List of Manetho (Aigyptiaka, Fr. 14).

Neb-Maat (“Lord of Maat”)/Neb-Maat Snefru.

“The Two Ladies”

“Golden Horus”

the Pyramidion of the “Red Pyramid” of King Snefru in the necropolis of Memphis


-Horus Medjedu-

“Birth name”, nomen: Khufu (Kheops)

-Horus Kheper-

“Birth name”, nomen: Radjedef

-Horus Userib-

“Birth name”, nomen: Rakaef , Chephren ( ḫˁ=f Rˁ ) [Χεφρήν]

black diorite statue of King Chephren protected by Horus;
now in the Egyptian Museum, cairo..


-Horus … –

“Throne name”, praenomen(nsw-bity/neb-tawy): NebkaRa

“Birth name”, nomen: Setka

-Horus Kakhet-

“Birth name”, nomen: MenkauRa (Mykerinos)

-Horus Shepseskhet-

“Birth name”, nomen: Shepseskaf

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