Second Intermediate Period: XV-XVI-XVII Dynasties

Neith and Nut protecting the canopic shrine of the King UseribRa Senebkay; above, the Winged Solar Orb representing Horus of Behdet flanked by the Two Uraei; on the canopic shrine are depicted the Two Eyes through which the King can see the outside world.
From the “House of Eternity” of King UseribRa Senebkay (Wsr-ib-Rˁ Snb k3y) discovered in these days (January 2014 ) at Abydos. King UseribRa Senebkay was the King of a forgotten Dynasty (ca. 1650–1600 bc) that ruled over Middle Egypt from the sacred city of Abydos during the invasion of the impious hyksos





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