“The God Anubis: Iconography and Epithets”

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-Anubis in the form of dog/jackal

-Anubis in anthropomorphic form with the head of dog/jackal

-“secondary” forms of Anubis: anthropomorphic form; anthropomorphic form with the head of ram; Anubis in the form of falcon (and jackal-headed falcon)


inscription from Kios in Bithynia (Anatolia),
I century CE (cfr. CIG 3724)

“To Agathe Tyche (the Goddess of Good Fortune).
O King of all the Ouranian Gods (the Heavenly Gods), salutations to You O eternal Anubis.
Your father is the highly sacred Osiris, He of the Golden Crown,
Zeus Kronides (son of Kronos) Himself, the Great and Powerful Ammon,
the Lord of the Immortal Gods, He honors You above all, He Who is Sarapis Himself.
Your mother is the blessed Goddess Isis of many names,
She Who has been generated by Ouranos (the God of the Sky) son of the Night over the gleaming waves of the sea,
She Who has been nourished by Erebos (the Primeval God of Darkness, husband of the Goddess of the Night) as the Light for all the mortals,
She the most august Who has the scepter among the Blessed Ones on Olympos (the Gods),
Divine Queen of the whole earth and of the sea, all- seeing: Lady of great good things for the human beings.”




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