King Ptolemy VI Philometor offering fumigations of incense to the Gods: the King is represented holding four “Arms of Horus”, the arm-shaped incense burners, surmounted by an image of the King kneeling as a sign of adoration. Detail from the north wall of the South Chapel of the Temple of Hathor and Maat in West Uaset, Diospolis Megale-Thebes




detail from the rear wall (first register, west side) of the Temple of Hathor at Iunet (Dendera):
Queen Kleopatra VII, , wearing the Solar Crown with cow’s horns and the two feathers, plays the sistrum and the menat-necklace


Kleopatra VII,
“Queen of Kings”,
“Thea Neotera Philopator Philopatris (the Younger Goddess, Who loves Her father, Who loves Her Motherland)”,

-“Horus Name”:
“The Great Lady of perfection, excellent in counsel”,
“The Great One, Sacred Image of Her father”

-“Daughter of Ra”:
“The Goddess Kleopatra Who is beloved of Her father”



Temple of Hathor at Iunet (Dendera) detail from the rear wall, west side, first register:
Queen Kleopatra VII and Her son Ptolemaios XV Caesar (son of Queen Kleopatra and of the Imperator Julius Caesar).
Kleopatra wears the Solar Crown with cow’s horns and the two feathers and plays the sistrum and the menat-necklace; behind the Queen is represented the Goddess Outo/’Uadjet’ as sacred Uraeus (wearing the Red Crown) entwined around a grand papyrus stem.
Ptolemaios XV Caesar wears the Blue Crown of War and a composite Red Crown with ram’s horns and the Atef-Crown; on His kilt is represented the King smiting and killing the enemies of the Gods and of Egypt; above Him there is Horus as sacred falcon with outstretched wings as a sign of protection, holding a fan.
Behind Ptolemaios XV Caesar is represented His Royal Ka (the spirit) with His “Horus name”


Ptolemaios XV Caesar,
“Philopator Philometor (Who loves His father, Who loves His mother)”,
“King of Kings”,

-Horus Name:
“The Perfect Youth, pleasant in His popularity”,
“The Strong Bull, shining like the beams of Ra and Iah (the Moon-God)”

-“Son of Ra”:
“Ptolemaios called Caesar, living forever, beloved of Ptah and Isis”,
“Ptolemaios the Hellenic”

-“King of Upper and Lower Egypt”:
“The Heir of the Saviour Gods, Who is the Chosen of Ptah, Who brings forth the Order of Ra, the Living Image of Amon”


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